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3kw Titanium Equipment Nano Bubble Venturi Jet Aerator Corrosion Resistant

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LHTi
Certification: ISO9001:2015; TUV; SGS
Model Number: Titanium venturi
Minimum Order Quantity: 1sets
Packaging Details: Plywood box with soft foam for additional protection
Delivery Time: In stock--3 days.production--15-20 working days
Supply Ability: 1000 Set/Sets per Month
Detail Information
Name: Venturi Tube Jet Flow Aerator Nano Bubble Generator Factory Supplier Materials: Titanium, Nickel, Titanium Molybdenum Nickel, Titanium Target, Nickel Base Alloy ,625,600, Etc
Power: 3kw Rated Voltage: 380v
Air Inflow: 50m3/h Inlet Pipe Diameter: 50mm
After Warranty: Video Technical Support, Online Support Applicable Industries:: Garment Shops, Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant,
High Light:

3kw Jet Aerator Titanium Equipment


Nano Bubble Venturi Jet Aerator


Corrosion Resistant Venturi Jet Aerator

Product Description

Venturi tube jet flow aerator nano bubble generator factory supplier


Product Description


The Submersible Jet Aerator also names nano bubble generator is the special aeration equipement used in the pretreatment of waste water and biological wastewater treatment. It is used to aerate and mix the liquid in the Aerated Grit Chamber,Pre-aeration Tank,Aeration Tank and Air Flotation Tank. In addition,the Submersible Jet Aerator is also applied in adding oxygen to Aquacultural Pond and maintenance of Landscape water.

It is composed of submersible pump,ejector,disfusser,sucksion tube and flexible pipe.Based on the traditional Jet Machine and mixed the advanced flow technology,this aerator is using the jet aeration.


Venturi works by saying that when a gas or liquid flows through a venturi tube, the dynamic pressure reaches its maximum and the static pressure reaches its minimum at the narrowest part of the pipe, and the velocity of the gas (liquid) increases as the cross sectional area of the flow decreases. The whole flow goes through the tube narrowing process at the same time, so the pressure decreases at the same time. This creates a pressure difference, which is used to measure or provide an external suction to the fluid


Venturi ejector is the main component of tail gas purification system in chemical enterprises. The function of tail gas purification system is to collect harmful gases produced by various production parts with negative pressure. After washing liquid, the gas that meets the emission standards will be discharged back to the atmosphere. To reduce the pollution of the environment by harmful substances.


The use of venturi: The use of the venturi tube in today's technological developments. Because of its low manufacturing and maintenance costs. In essence, one application is to act as a device (separator) in the aquarium water circulation system. Applications in chemistry are the so-called Venturi nozzles, used to remove impurities from liquids (remove gases), or to measure the velocity of a fluid. Similarly, the refueling nozzle of the preparation unit in the refueling pressure equipment also applies this principle. . The principle of venturi effect can be applied to ventilation of some mechanical components and buildings. . Based on the venturi effect manufacturing equipment, called venturi XXXX, such as Venturi water membrane precipitator, Venturi diffusion tube, Venturi contraction tube, Venturi jet pump, Venturi flow meter, Venturi mixer Venturi precipitator, Venturi valve, etc



Venturi made of special corrosion resistant materials (such as titanium, nickel, zirconium, etc.) can also be used in acid recycling systems in the chemical industry to achieve acid recycling, which can save resources and costs for enterprises and society. Other substances produced (such as HCl/Fe2O3) can also be used for other purposes to generate income benefits.

Venturi dust collector can greatly reduce the number of harmful pollutants discharged by some enterprises with serious dust pollution. Can play a great role in environmental protection.

Because venturi does not use power drive system, it can also save a lot of energy. Therefore, a large number of applications of Venturi can bring huge economic benefits to the country and society.


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Working principal


Water pump produce water flow and form high velocity flow by nozzle,arround the nozzle will form negative pressure and get air,the air will mix with water in mix chamber.The mixed air and water will jet out in high speed by diffuser.The air-water mixing will take on aeration processing in waste water pond.Besides,the axial power will not change when the depth change,the air inflow can change.So the nano bubble generator can be used in the water level change large

3kw Titanium Equipment Nano Bubble Venturi Jet Aerator Corrosion Resistant 1

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Working condition


           Highest temperature under 400C

      Media PH 5-9

      Medium density 1150kg/m3

Specification Introduction:


3kw Titanium Equipment Nano Bubble Venturi Jet Aerator Corrosion Resistant 3



3kw Titanium Equipment Nano Bubble Venturi Jet Aerator Corrosion Resistant 4

   3kw Titanium Equipment Nano Bubble Venturi Jet Aerator Corrosion Resistant 5


  • Intensive mixing
    The pressure produced by impeller through jet hole produces forceful water flow, which realizes jet after mixed with air to make oxygen move efficiently in water and at the same time achieve good mixing effect, which can maintain the flow rate necessary for activated sludge floating.
  • Quiet and noise-free
    The machine unit is designed to run in water with low winding number and low noise: overland air-intake duct can be additionally equipped with silencing equipment. Cost can be reduced since no other anechoic room is required.
  • Easy for installation and maintenance
    There are two types for your selection: equipped with or without automatic attach device. Easy for installation and maintenance, saving operation cost.
  • Wide range of service
    It is widely used in industrial wastewater treatment, effluent treatment of livestock husbandry and general foul sewer aeration engineering. Activated sludge method is applied to treat aeration tank of effluent facilities of factory. It can be used either individually or in a combined way.
  • Constructive specification
    This submersible jet aerator adopts specially designed pump of aeration, which forms the integral unit air bubble generating section and automatic attach device.
  • Special aeration pump
    Special aeration pump uses high-performance impeller, which does not block fouls. Therefore, it has long service life.
  • Air bubble generating section
    This section is composed of air-inlet duct, nozzle holder, gas mixture chamber and divergent pipe. Water is pumped into gas mixture chamber at high speed from nozzle holder connected to pump outlet. Air is inducted into gas mixture chamber through air-inlet duct and is mixed with water flow, then exhausted through divergent pipe.
  • Automatic attach device
    This equipment is composed of induction duct, directing plate, the attach unit. During maintenance of equipment, the pump can be directly pulled out from water through induction duct along with the attach device.

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As a leading manufacturer of titanium products for over 16 years, Baoji Lihua has exported titanium tube to many countries, including the US, India and Korea etc. The quality of our products is widely recognized. So you should have confidence in our company.











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