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Gr1 Gr2 Gr5 TiAl Alloy Titanium Sputtering Target For PVD Coating

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LHTI
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: LH-10
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 pieces
Price: US dollar $ 25.5/pc--US dollar $125/pc
Packaging Details: Pearl cotton wrap or Sealed packaging,outside is standard Carton case or plywood case,or according your requirment to package
Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union,paypal etc
Supply Ability: 5000 piece per week
Detail Information
Product Name: Pure Gr1 Gr2 Titanium Disc Sputtering Target For Chemcial Industrial Material: Pure Titanium, Titanium Alloy
Application: Coating Industry, Sputtering Vacuum Coating Industry Keyword: Titanium Sputtering Target
Package: Plywood Case Or According Your Requirment
High Light:

PVD Coating TiAl Target


Alloy Titanium Sputtering Target


Gr2 Titanium Sputtering Target

Product Description

 Gr1 Gr2 Gr5 TiAl titanium alloy Titanium Sputtering Target For PVD coating



1.The target material

The target material is the target material bombarded by high-speed charged particles. There are metals, alloys, oxides, etc. Replace different target materials (such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, titanium, nickel targets, etc.), you can get different film systems (such as super-hard, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion alloy film, etc.).

(1) Metal targets: nickel target, Ni, titanium target, Ti, zinc target, Zn, chromium target, Cr, magnesium target, Mg, niobium target, Nb, tin target, Sn, aluminum target, Al, indium target, In, iron target, Fe, zirconium aluminum target, ZrAl, titanium aluminum target, TiAl, zirconium target, Zr, aluminum silicon target, AlSi, silicon target, Si, copper target Cu, tantalum target T, a, germanium target, Ge, Silver target, Ag, cobalt target, Co, gold target, Au, gadolinium target, Gd, lanthanum target, La, yttrium target, Y, cerium target, Ce, tungsten target, w, stainless steel target, nickel-chromium target, NiCr, hafnium Target, Hf, molybdenum target, Mo, iron-nickel target, FeNi, tungsten target, W, etc.

(2) Ceramic targets: ITO target, magnesium oxide target, iron oxide target, silicon nitride target, silicon carbide target, titanium nitride target, chromium oxide target, zinc oxide target, zinc sulfide target, silicon dioxide target, one Silicon oxide target, cerium oxide target, zirconium dioxide target, niobium pentoxide target, titanium dioxide target, zirconium dioxide target, hafnium dioxide target, titanium diboride target, zirconium diboride target, tungsten trioxide target, Aluminum oxide target, tantalum oxide, niobium pentoxide target, magnesium fluoride target, yttrium fluoride target, zinc selenide target, aluminum nitride target, silicon nitride target, boron nitride target, titanium nitride target , Silicon carbide target, lithium niobate target, praseodymium titanate target, barium titanate target, lanthanum titanate target, nickel oxide target, sputtering target, etc.


2. The main performance requirements of the target

(1) Purity

Purity is one of the main performance indicators of the target, because the purity of the target has a great influence on the performance of the film. However, in practical applications, the purity requirements of the target materials are also different. For example, with the rapid development of the microelectronics industry, the size of silicon wafers has grown from 6 ", 8" to 12 ", and the wiring width has been reduced from 0.5um to 0.25um, 0.18um or even 0.13um, the previous target purity of 99.995% Can meet the technical requirements of 0.35umIC, and the preparation of 0.18um lines requires 99.999% or even 99.9999% for the purity of the target.

(2) Impurity content

Impurities in the target solid and oxygen and water vapor in the pores are the main sources of pollution for the deposited film. Different targets have different requirements for different impurity contents. For example, pure aluminum and aluminum alloy targets used in the semiconductor industry have special requirements for alkali metal content and radioactive element content.

(3) Density

In order to reduce the pores in the solids of the target and improve the performance of the sputtered film, the target is usually required to have a higher density. The density of the target not only affects the sputtering rate, but also affects the electrical and optical properties of the film. The higher the target density, the better the film performance. In addition, increasing the density and strength of the target allows the target to better withstand the thermal stress during sputtering. Density is also one of the key performance indicators of the target.

(4) Grain size and grain size distribution

The target material is usually polycrystalline, and the grain size can be on the order of microns to millimeters. For the same target material, the sputtering rate of the target with fine grains is faster than that of the target with coarse grains; the thickness of the film deposited by sputtering the target with a small difference in grain size (uniform distribution) is more uniform .


3. Material

(1) Pure titanium: GR1 GR2

(2) Titanium alloy: Gr5 titanium, titanium aluminum TiAl, titanium nickel TiNi, titanium chromium TiCr, titanium zirconium TiZr,copper titanium TiCu etc.

(3)Others material: Zirconium sputtering targets, chrome sputtering targets,tungsten sputtering targets,copper sputtering targets etc.


4. Purpose

It is widely used in decorative coatings, wear-resistant coatings, CDs and VCDs in the electronics industry, as well as various magnetic disk coatings.

Tungsten-titanium (W-Ti) films and tungsten-titanium (W-Ti) -based alloy films are high-temperature alloy films with a series of irreplaceable excellent properties. Tungsten has properties such as high melting point, high strength and low coefficient of thermal expansion. W / Ti alloy has low resistance coefficient, good thermal stability and oxidation resistance. Such as various devices require metal wiring that plays a conductive role, such as Al, Cu, and Ag have been widely used and researched. However, the wiring metal itself is easily oxidized, reacts with the surrounding environment, and has poor adhesion to the dielectric layer. It is easy to diffuse into the substrate materials of devices such as Si and SiO2, and it will form metal and Si at a lower temperature. Compounds, which act as impurities, greatly degrade the performance of the device. The W-Ti alloy is easy to be used as a wiring diffusion barrier due to stable thermomechanical properties, low electron mobility, high corrosion resistance and chemical stability, especially suitable for use in high current and high temperature environments .


Detailed images

Gr1 Gr2 Gr5 TiAl Alloy Titanium Sputtering Target For PVD Coating 0




Gr1 Gr2 Gr5 TiAl Alloy Titanium Sputtering Target For PVD Coating 1



Package & Delivery:

Wrap the ti target material with pearl cotton and put it in a wooden box. Our reasonable packaging method can avoid the target materials from colliding with each other during transportation, and can also prevent the impact of external goods on the product, and ensure that the product is delivered after delivery Integrity.

---1. The sealed packaging,then put in the Carton cas or standard standard plywood case.

---2.Using exclusive custom carton with customer logo, each individual packaging, to help buyers direct sales.

---Accept customer requirment


Make sure that each package is tailor-made for you.ensure when you get the goods no damaged.


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