Gr11 Titanium Alloy Sheet Astm 265 Polished Surface For Chemical Industry

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LHTi
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: Titanium alloy plate
Minimum Order Quantity: 10kg
Packaging Details: Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 10-15 work day
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 5000 Ton/Tons per Month
Detail Information
Place Of Origin: China Application: Corrosion Resistant
Technique: Hot Rolled Ti (Min): 89%(min)
Model Number: Titanium Alloy Plate Processing Service: Bending, Welding, Decoiling, Cutting, Punching
Type: Titanium Plate Standard: ASTM B 265
Material: GR1/GR2/GR3/GR5/GR7/GR9/GR12 Finish: Roll-up(Hard)
Advantage: Chinese Titanium Valley"-Baoji Surface: Polished
Package: Wooden Case CERTIFICATION: ISO9001
Size: Schedule DN MOQ: 10kg
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Gr11 Titanium Alloy Sheet


Astm 265 Titanium Alloy Sheet


Sandblasting Titanium Alloy Sheet

Product Description

grade5 titanium alloy sheet gr11 astm265

Titanium alloy plate density is small, high tensile strength, in the range of -253-600 degrees Celsius, his specific strength is almost the highest in the metal materials, it can form a thin and hard oxide film in the appropriate oxidizing environment, with excellent corrosion resistance. In addition, it is non-magnetic and has the characteristics of small linear expansion coefficient. This makes the titanium alloy plate first known as an important  aerospace structural materials, and then promoted to the ship manufacturing, chemical industry and other fields, and has been a rapid development. Especially in the field of chemical industry, more and more products are used in titanium and titanium alloy products, such as petrochemical, fiber, pulp, chemical fertilizer, electrochemistry and seawater desalination and other industries, as exchangers, reactor, synthesizer, autoclave and so on. The titanium plate in the electrolysis and wastewater desalination used as an electrolytic plate, electrolytic cell, in the reactor, reactor is used as a tower and reactor body, etc.Gr11 Titanium Alloy Sheet Astm 265 Polished Surface For Chemical Industry 0
The advantages
1, high strength, the density of titanium alloy is generally about 4.51g/ cubic centimeter, only 60% of steel, the density of pure titanium is close to the density of ordinary steel, some high strength titanium alloy exceeds the strength of many alloy structural steel.
2, high thermal strength, the use of temperature is several hundred degrees higher than aluminum alloy, at moderate temperature can still maintain the required strength, can work in 450 ~ 500℃ temperature for a long time these two kinds of titanium alloy in the range of 150℃ ~ 500℃ still has a high specific strength, and aluminum alloy at 150℃ than the strength decreased significantly. The working temperature of titanium alloy can reach 500℃, and that of aluminum alloy is below 200℃.
3, good corrosion resistance, titanium alloy works in the humid atmosphere and seawater medium, its corrosion resistance is far better than stainless steel; Resistance to pitting corrosion, acid corrosion, stress corrosion is particularly strong; Excellent corrosion resistance to alkali, chloride, chlorine organic articles, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and so on. But titanium has poor corrosion resistance to reducing oxygen and chromite medium.
4, low temperature performance is good, titanium alloy at low temperature and ultra-low temperature, can still maintain its mechanical properties. Titanium alloys with good low temperature performance and very low clearance elements, such as TA7, can maintain certain plasticity at -253℃. Therefore, titanium alloy is also an important low temperature structural material.
5, chemical activity, chemical activity of titanium is large, and the atmosphere O, N, H, CO, CO2, water vapor, ammonia and other strong chemical reaction.
6, the thermal conductivity of small, the thermal conductivity of titanium λ=15.24W/ (m.K) is about 1/4 of nickel, 1/5 of iron, 1/14 of aluminum, and the thermal conductivity of various titanium alloys than the thermal conductivity of titanium decreased about 50%.

Gr11 Titanium Alloy Sheet Astm 265 Polished Surface For Chemical Industry 1

Application1. Based on High intensity,titanium products tensile strength can be up to 180Kg/mm²
2. Titanium and titanium alloy in aviation industry, is called "space metal"; In addition,in the shipbuilding industry, chemical industry, manufacturing machinery parts,telecommunications equipment, hard alloy, etc have increasingly extensive application
3. In addition, because of the titanium alloy with the human body has very good compatibility,so the titanium alloy can also be artificial bone.4,Seawater desalination industry
5. Chemical Industry,
6. Electroplating equipment
7. Precision instruments
8. Environmentalprotection equipment


GradeTA1, TA2, TA3, TA4, TA10, TA15, TA17, GR1, GR2, GR3, GR4, GR5, GR7, GR9,GR11, GR12

T (0.6mm - 2.0mm) *W (1000mm) * L (3000mm max)
T (3.0mm- 5.0mm)*W(1250mm)* L (3500mm max)
T (6.0mm - 60mm) * W (2500mm max)* L (7000mm max)

StandardASTM B 265, ASME SB265 AMS491
ApplicationChemical, industry, sports etc.
FeatureHigh corrosion resistance, low density, good thermal stability
SurfaceBright, Polished, Pickling, Acid cleaning, Sandblasting
Quality and testHardness test, Bending test, Hydrostatic etc.

Gr11 Titanium Alloy Sheet Astm 265 Polished Surface For Chemical Industry 2
Gr11 Titanium Alloy Sheet Astm 265 Polished Surface For Chemical Industry 3
Gr11 Titanium Alloy Sheet Astm 265 Polished Surface For Chemical Industry 4
Gr11 Titanium Alloy Sheet Astm 265 Polished Surface For Chemical Industry 5

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