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Company News About Application of titanium and titanium alloys in ships
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Application of titanium and titanium alloys in ships

Latest company news about Application of titanium and titanium alloys in ships

In particular, it has excellent corrosion resistance in chloride atmospheres such as seawater and oceans. The application of titanium material on ships can reduce the maintenance cost and life cycle cost of ships, reduce the weight of the hull, increase the payload, improve the reliability and tactical of ships, and is an ideal material for the shipbuilding industry.

The main applications of titanium and its alloys in the field of ships are: pressure shell, hull structure, pipeline, valve and so on
Accessories, power drives, heat exchangers, coolers/condensers, sonar hoods, etc.

Titanium alloy for ship industry began in the 1960s, the current United States, Russia, Japan, China Countries, the United Kingdom, France and Germany are widely used.
Compared with foreign countries, our ship titanium alloy There is still a big gap in application: the application part is small, the amount is small, the titanium used in foreign countries reaches 13%, and China is only applied in some sporadic parts, the proportion is less than 1%. Varieties, specifications are not perfect, China's previous titanium production in professional chemical plants, limited by equipment capacity, the production of varieties, specifications are limited, "dragon" required titanium alloy can only be imported from Russia. Processing and manufacturing technology is also relatively backward. Related to titanium alloy material specifications are: castings, forgings, plates, bars, pipes, wire; The titanium alloy preparation processes involved are: casting process, forging process, welding process, cold forming process, hot forming process, heat treatment process, mechanical processing process, surface treatment process, dissimilar metal insulation treatment process.

Compared with aviation materials, the product size and single weight of Marine materials are larger. China's previous titanium industry owners to serve the aviation industry, the use of professional chemical production, production equipment and capacity is limited, titanium products product size can not meet the needs of ships, many types of titanium manufacturers can not provide, such as wide and thick plates, large caliber seamless pipe, profiles, complex castings and so on. If the specialized production plant is fully equipped with the production equipment required for titanium materials for ships, it will greatly push up the cost of products, which is not conducive to the promotion and application of titanium and titanium alloys in the shipbuilding industry.