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Company News About Application of titanium and titanium alloys in engine engines
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Application of titanium and titanium alloys in engine engines

Latest company news about Application of titanium and titanium alloys in engine engines

Aero engine is the most important part of the whole aircraft, and it is the core to ensure the safe completion of the flight mission. Titanium alloy has been widely used in many parts of aero engine, the application of titanium alloy can further improve the thrust-weight ratio of aero engine and improve its economy. The application proportion of titanium alloy in aero engine is also an important indicator to measure the advanced degree of engine. The amount of titanium on foreign advanced engines is usually maintained at 20% ~ 35%. The turbojet 13 engine developed in 1978 and designed in early 1988 has a titanium content of 13%, and the Kunlun turbojet engine designed in 2002 is the first aero engine with fully independent intellectual property rights, and the titanium content has increased to 15%.

Many parts such as blades, blades and casings in aero engines are made of titanium alloy The key components of titanium alloy that have been widely used and are under development include titanium alloy fan, titanium alloy monolithic blade disk, monolithic blade ring, continuous fiber reinforced titanium composite blade and titanium alloy casing. With the continuous improvement of the design and manufacturing level of the key components of titanium alloy, as well as the requirement of the thrust to weight ratio of aeroengines, the requirements of both the use of titanium alloy and its mechanical properties will become higher and higher. Under the background of the national "two-engine special project" to develop aero engines, the development of high temperature titanium alloy materials with high performance is the key to improve the performance of China's aero engines.